Present Roots Yoga

Staying Rooted - Being Present

Welcome to Present Roots Yoga.

 Important MESSAGE!!

11-11-11 was the First Day of Present Roots Yoga. We opened the doors with hopes to share the love for the practice of Yoga with everyone we could. We have shared our mat space with friends, family and strangers, who have all become so important to us. We have created a space to expand a practice, to dig deep and root down, a space to laugh, to be social, to cry. We urged you to let go, to connect in, to breath deeply and purely into your soul. Yet every time we did all that for you, you did so much more for us. You see 11-11-11 was the first day that a dream was made into a reality and I cannot ever thank you enough for the never ending support and love that you have all created for Present Roots. 

With joy for what was created and optimism for the future we do regret to inform you that this will be the last week of yoga classes at Present Roots. We will be closing our doors at the end of this month. We are sad as all endings are tough, yet we are beyond trusting of the path of life and can say without doubt that we all can continue and we will see each other again. Stay Presently Rooted.